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Benjamin is committed to using Vince’s story and his own to shift our beliefs about how we perceive the intersection of punishment and mental illness. As a medical educator, writer and advocate, Benjamin believes that changing our system of mass incarceration requires upstream change starting with education and a deeper understanding of the fallibility of the human brain. His mission is to inspire conversations that examine our stories of Self, our biases, and a life of advocacy. Benjamin is committed to leading these conversations with students, professional groups, universities and book clubs. Please reach out if you would like him to come speak to your group about.  

Frequent topics of conversation:

  • Pursuing service in medicine and the importance of social justice.
  • Being relational in leadership: Telling our stories of Self, Us, and Now.
  • “Reverence for Life:” How Albert Schweitzer’s philosophy of service can make your life more meaningful.
  • Exploring our rural stories: Why telling our rural stories is critical to making change.
  • Rediscovering your right brain: A neurobiologic approach to advocacy.
  • Healing Crime: Seeing mass incarceration through a clinical lens.
  • Perceptions and bias: Understanding the power of bias and preconception in order to enhance our awareness.
  • Advocacy through writing: How writing and visioning leads to transformation.
  • Story, a creative pathway to advocacy: From curiosity to transformation.
  • Leveraging media to tell a story.

Featured Appearances

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Ben launches his book at Isis Music Hall in Asheville March 1, 2022