After a near decade-long legal battle to get Vince out of prison and into treatment, in January 2022, on his last day in office, Governor Northam granted Vince Gilmer clemency petition, allowing Vince to be released from prison, but only if transferred to a mental hospital. For the last six months, though technically a free man, Vince has remained in prison, wheelchair-bound and suffering from late-stage Huntington’s disease because his transfer to a Virginia public mental hospital has been prevented.  

Vince cannot be placed directly in an out of state public hospital until he lands in a public Virginia Mental Hospital or a private hospital in any state.  Meanwhile, the Virginia Department of Corrections and Mental Health have explicitly expressed that they have no duty to help with Vince’s placement which has made it impossible to get him out.  

Help Vince get what he deserves — justice, freedom, and proper medical treatment after wrongfully suffering 19 years of incarceration. Vince is not a threat to society; he is mentally and physically ill.  He CAN be accepted by a public North Carolina hospital — but ONLY if we raise money to secure his transfer to a private hospital first which costs $25,000 per month. We must raise $100,000 to guarantee four months of care while we apply for a public option in North Carolina or Alabama. 

Vince Gilmer’s story illuminates the plight of hundreds of thousands of mentally ill patients incarcerated in US prisons, where they suffer from a system that is designed to punish, not heal. Help us free Vince Gilmer so he can receive care in a hospital before his eminent death. 


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